About Roof Saviors

Roof Saviors Started In Orlando By A Concerned Home Owner Who; As The Majority Of New Home Owners In Florida, Didn't Know Why He Had To Replace His Roof Shingles In His Home So Soon.

Hello, My name is Ramy, I moved to Florida in 2015 from up north, where I owned a house for almost 15 years and never once heard about my roof, When I was buying a house in Orlando, the inspector told me the roof is 10 years old and i got excited especially that the roof looked good to me, I was under the impression that this roof will last me at least 15 more years, and

when the insurance company refused to insure my roof i was in denial, so i found another company that insured my home including the roof but with a very high deductible.

But Guess What; In less than three years, I had to replace the roof which cost me lots of money and more of headache dealing with the replacement process. They told me you need a new roof, I was so worried about my property so I did what they told me.

After all is done; I was left with one question that never cleared my mind; Why did I have to replace my roof SO SOON??
Searching for an answer to this question I learned about ROOF MAXX and after great deal of research and studies I wished I learned about ROOF MAXX sooner.

After believing that ROOF MAXX could have solved my own problem if I learned about it earlier, I decided to join forces with “Roof Maxx Technologies” to bring The ROOF MAXX TREATMENT to my community, to help those who are having the same problem and to educate those who don’t know that Finally; there is a way to maintain your roof shingles just like you maintain anything else around your home or maintaining your car to insure performance and to extend its service life.

ROOF MAXX is the first of its kind, and I understand that with every new invention there will be people who are skeptical about it, I was skeptical myself, but when i researched it; I realized that the science and the technology behind the product existed long time ago,  but it wasn’t used for this application before.

I encourage you to do the same: Do your homework and do your research, if you find out that ROOF MAXX can help you, or if you need any more information; Please contact me.


If you need any information I will be glad to hear from you, Please Don't Hesitate to contact me