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    Why Replace Your Roof If You Can Keep It Longer!!



ROOF MAXX, The World's First Sustainable Roofing Solution!!

There Is Never a Good Day On Your Roof; Especially here in Florida, temperature can climb up-to a 140 degrees causing the roof to expand, then
passing rain showers quickly cool the roof creating rapid contraction known as “thermal shock”,
Your asphalt roof must remain flexible to withstand thees extreme stresses. Oil whiten the asphalt allows for this flexibility.

In Florida; an asphalt shingles roof begin to breaking down between 5 and 10 years of age because the oil begins drying out of the asphalt causing the roof to become increasingly brittle overtime, with loss of flexibility it starts to crack and begin slowly breaking a part.

Roof Maxx is 100% safe all natural food grade oil, the spray apply treatment quickly penetrate roof shingles restoring flexibility and waterproofing protection, each treatment is guarantee to last 5 years and comes with transferable warranty, and because ROOF MAXX treatment are repeatable a roof can greatly extended past its expected life, treatment is quick, clean and very affordable

Roof Maxx - How it Works??


If you need to talk to us to learn more about ROOF MAXX and How it can help you with your failing roof, we are here to answer any question

Great People Behind a Great product!!

Mike Feazel
Roof Maxx Technologies

For over three decades Mike has been an industry leader, co-founding Roofers Success International, the nation’s #1 contractor university, with home services icon and industry consolidator, Jim Abrams.

Barry McGraw
Director, Product Development
Ohio Soybean Council

-University relations
-Advanced material research
-Biobased R&D
-Idea generation, research, development and-Manufacturing And More..

Ram Lalgudi, PHD
Division of Environmental Research
Battelle Institute

Battelle conducts research and development, designs and manufactures products, and delivers critical services for government and commercial customers. Headquartered in Columbus, Ohio since its founding in 1929

Ajay Shah, PHD
Assistant Professor
Biological Engineering
Ohio State University

-Techno-economic analysis and scale-up of biobased and agricultural system.
-Life cycle assessment of biobased and agricultural systems.
-Feedstock production for biobased and agro-industries and More..

Ohio State University Study About ROOF MAXX!!

Ohio State University conducted a research study on Roof Maxx’s performance when applied to old roof shingles. It showed that Roof Maxx improves:

1- Shingle Pliability
Roof Maxx greatly improved the flexibility of the asphalt shingles passing ASTM testing.

2- Protective Top Coating
Roof Maxx greatly improved the granule adhesion, to levels close to those of new shingles.

3- Shingle Permeability (Waterproofing)
Roof Maxx improved the permeability and waterproofing ability by about 60%, restoring values closer to those of new shingles.

4- Hail Impact
The average depression size decreased by about 24% after Roof Maxx treatment.

5- Fire, Spread of Flame
Roof Maxx does not increase fire risk.

*The Ohio State University study was based on laboratory testing conducted by PRI Materials Testing Labs in Tampa, FL, using ASTM International performance standards.Disclaimer: This is not an endorsement by The Ohio State University.


If You Need To See More Proof That ROOF MAXX Is The World's First Sustainable Roofing Reconditioning Product, Please Contact Us, We Have More To Show!!


Roof Maxx Is Guaranteed To Perform As Advertised.


not like common roof warranties, ours is tied to the address, No transfer hassle when selling your home


If your shingles lose flexibility during the five year warranty, we’ll re-treat it on a prorated basis. Simple and clear.


We guarantee a hassle-free experience. We’ll do as we say, and leave your home clean once the job is done.


Roof Maxx's ingredient meets with EPA’s Safer Choice for solvents and is listed on their Safer Chemical Ingredients


Roof Maxx is certified by the USDA BIO-PREFERRED as a plant based product with 86% bio-based content.

What People Are Saying About ROOF MAXX??

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It Is Proven; Roof Maxx treatment extends the life of aged roof and improves the shingles flexibility and waterproofing values closer to those of new shingles, the treatment is 100% safe and COSTS a fraction of a new roof

How Do I Know That My Roof Is Failing??

In Order to know the condition of the roof you will need to go on the top of your roof and inspect it, WHEN WAS THE LAST TIME AN AVERAGE HOMEOWNER DONE THAT? For an Average Homeowner; looking up towards the roof is not a common practice simply because it is usually out of sight until some major damage happens or a major noticeable leak occurs.

Black Streaks & Stains

Common on northern roof slopes, these ugly streaks are caused by an airborne mold spore. There are safe and effective treatments available for cleaning the roof

Gravel Coating in Gutters

The shingle’s protective top granule coating begins to shed when your shingles start drying out.

Missing Shingles

Shingles blowing off in the wind typically indicate the shingles have lost their flexibility and have become brittle.

Why My Roof Shingles Are Failing So Soon??

The Answer is very simple; because roofing manufacturers have changed the manufacturing process of asphalt shingles which affected the quality of the shingles. In simple terms; Today’s Shingles got less asphalt and more inexpensive crushed limestone fillers which resulted in less waterproofing. Less asphalt means less waterproofing protection and a shorter roof life.

Today; Millions of asphalt shingles roofs are failing a lot sooner than they should, the majority of homeowners have no idea why they have to re-roof their homes when they expected it to last a lot longer, Please Watch this quick video that explains more about the problem we are facing today

Watch this detailed Video that explains the problem

Do You Need To Inspect Your Roof??

It is never gonna hurt to get your roof checked, it is just peace of mine, contact us and we will be happy to help you.